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Target Archery

Target Archery is what most people think of when archery is mentioned.  Simply, it involves shooting at a target; the closer to centre the arrows are, the more points you score.  SWAC offers both outdoor and indoor (winter only) target archery with imperial and metric rounds (see below). In target archery you can choose different rounds to shoot. A 'round' refers to what exactly you will be shooting, e.g. a 'Portsmouth Round' involves shooting five dozen arrows (60) at a target 20 yards away.  A round can either be 'Imperial' (yards) or 'Metric' (meters) and the diameter and design of the target face changes depending on which round you do.

Please note that all-carbon arrows are not allowed at our outdoor target sessions at Trafalgar School.

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Target Archery Committee Members:

Tim Read (Target Officer), Chris Labdon (Target Tournament Organiser)

SWAC Award Target Competitions

There are a number of target competitions, open to all SWAC members, which run throughout the year. Only the first round of the day per bowstyle is submitted for the SWAC Awards.

The results from a selection of the club target competitions listed below will count towards the SWAC Archer of the Year Award, along with an equal number of field competitions and one clout competition. The more you shoot in, the more chance you have of winning! There is a two bow-style entry limit for club target competitions to count towards the Archer of the Year results.

Summer Outdoors (Warwick Round)

48 arrows shot on a 122cm face using 5 zone scoring, with 24 arrows at each of two distances. See the Target Champs link in the members section for categories and distances. Your two highest scores are added together to form a ranking.
Winter Outdoors (Frostbite Round)

3 dozen arrows shot at 30m on an 80cm face, using 10 zone scoring. Your two highest scores for the season are added together to form a ranking.

Winter Indoors (Portsmouth Round)

60 arrows shot at 20 yards on a 60cm face using 10 zone scoring. Your two highest scores for the season are added together to form a ranking.
Deutgen Arrow (American Round - March)

90 arrows shot in total on a 122cm face using 5 zone scoring, with 30 arrows at each of three distances (60y,50y and 40y). Awards presented on the day.
Deutgen Arrow 2013 Results - Deutgen Arrow 2011 - Deutgen Arrow 2009

Other SWAC Competitions

Target Handicap Improvement Award

Every time an archer submits a score for target archery they are given a handicap rating. Your actual handicap is the average of your top three ratings for that year. The Handicap Improvement Award goes to the archer with the most improved target handicap for the year.
Lalique Trophy (Western Round - September)

Annual competition between SWAC & Bath Archers. Open to GNAS archers only when shooting in Bath due to insurance restrictions (2012 will be hosted by Bath, 2013 by SWAC etc)
Lalique Trophy 2014 - Lalique Trophy 2013 Shoot Report - Lalique Trophy 2009 Shoot Report
SWAC vs SUAC (Portsmouth Round - November)

Annual comp between SWAC and Southampton University archers. SWAC to match team composition from SUAC
SWAC vs SUAC 2015 - SWAC vs SUAC 2014 - SWAC vs SUAC 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010
St Nicholas Handicap Shoot (December)

Christmas fun shoot with awards based on a handicapping system, and more importantly mince pies and mulled wine!
St Nicholas 2013 Shoot Report - St Nicholas 2012 - St Nicholas 2011 - St Nic. 2010 - St Nic. 2009

Open Competions

"Archery GB" is the trading name of The Grand National Archery Society (GNAS), which is the governing body for the sport of archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If you want to shoot in target archery competitions outside of SWAC, you will need to become a GNAS Member in order to be insured. Speak to the Membership Secretary for details.

There are plenty of open competitions in the local area which SWAC archers regularly attend. It's not only for those wanting to shoot competitively, many join to shoot just for fun. It's a great way of travelling to competitions all over the country and meeting archers from other clubs.

A listing of competitions can be found here or on the Archery GB site.