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Archery Shops

Quicks http://www.quicksarchery.co.uk
Wales Archery http://www.walesarchery.co.uk
Clickers http://www.clickersarchery.co.uk
The Archery Company http://thearcherycompany.com
Rixdale Archery http://www.rixdalearcherysupplies.co.uk
The Archery Shop http://www.thearcheryshop.co.uk
Alternative Sporting Services http://www.altservices.co.uk
CentreShot Archery Supplies http://www.centreshot.co.uk
Custom Built Archery http://www.cbarchery.co.uk
Merlin Archery http://www.merlinarchery.co.uk
Perris Archery http://www.perrisarchery.co.uk
Chiltern Archery http://www.chilternonline.com
Ten Ring Archery http://www.archery-ten-ring.co.uk
Bowsports http://www.bowsports.com

Equipment Setup and Tuning

A collection of old documents found on the SWAC server, will slowly be going through sorting and updating these, but might be some useful tips here!

Recurve Archers Guide

Easton Tuning and Maintenance Guide

Easton Arrow Charts

Easton Arrow Selector


Steve Ellison Tuning Guides:

Bow Tuning 1 - Initial Set-Up

Bow Tuning 2 - Fine Tuning

Bow Tuning 3 - Group Tuning

Bow Tuning Tests

Choosing and Using Stabilisation

Controlling Bow Behaviour with Stabilisers


Archery Associations and Groups

Archery GB

National Field Archery Society

British Blind Sport Archery

British Wheelchair Archery Association