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Have-A-Go Archery

Throughout the summer South Wilts Archery Club run archery stands at many community events, including country fayres, shows and school fetes in the local area. These events allow members of the public of all ages to have a go at archery, with full coaching and use of all equipment provided.

If you're interested in finding out more about our Archery Have-A-Go services, please contact our Have-a-Go Coordinator at the address below.


West Dean Village Fete - 1st June 2019

River Bourne Community Farm - 30th June 2019

The Wessex County Fair (Wilton) - 4th August 2019

Have-A-Go Enquiries

Have-A-Go Coordinator: haveago@southwiltsarcheryclub.co.uk

All Club Members

Information about helping out at this year's events can be found here.

All members are asked to help out wherever possible with our archery events over the summer, so please do what you can to support our club. This is one of the main ways we attract new members and earn revenue for club equipment and facilities.

No experience necessary! If you haven't done Have-a-Go events before, come along and we can teach you everything you need to know. They always make for a fun day out and there’s usually the chance to try different bows, show off your skills and get some shooting practice in during quiet times. There are three stages that you can help with:

Setting up:

On arrival the targets need to be set up, the giant netting needs to be put in place, safety area marked out, bows need to be strung, arrows sorted, bracers arranged and signage put up.


Members of the public need to be given a bracer, bow and arrows. They will then be assisted on the line to shoot half a dozen arrows. If you're interested in learning how to teach beginners, let one of our coaches know. It will be the simple ‘point of aim’ technique (without sights & 3 fingers under the nocking point). Once the coaching session is finished, arrows need to be collected and club members can answer any questions the 'have a goers' may have about archery or our club, give out information on our beginners courses, or show them your own bow if they're interested!

Packing up:

At the end of the event, a charity contribution is normally given to the event organisers. All the bows need to be taken down, the arrows sorted and put away, targets and netting packed up and signage taken down.


(Images from St. Marks School Summer Fete and Durrington Summer Fayre)