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Clout Shooting

Clout shooting involves shooting arrows into the air and getting them to land on a target that lays flat on the ground. 

Sounds simple, but can be quite tricky!

From the picture below you can see two flags; the white one for Ladies and the yellow one for Gents. 
The idea is to get the arrows as close to the flag as possible. 

The distances are as follows:

Gents - 180 yards

Ladies - 140 yards

Juniors - 80 to 120 yards (Depending on age & class)

When the whistle blows you line up, take aim and fire six 'sighter' arrows into the air; fingers crossed they land near the flag!

After the six 'sighters' you then wait for the whistle and then collect your arrows. You then will shoot three dozen arrows (six ends of six):

Attached to the flag is a rope which has coloured sections:
Gold, Red, Blue, Black and White.

One person takes the loose end whilst the others stand behind a coloured section. 

The rope is then swept round in a circle; any arrow that is found within the coloured boundary is picked up by the person assigned to that colour.

Once all of the arrows have been picked up they are laid down on the rope - on top of the coloured section in which they were found.

One by one each archer is asked to call out their scores, highest score first. 

The Points are as follows:

Gold = 5   Red = 4   Blue = 3   Black = 2   White = 1

South Wilts Archery Club are committed to the promotion of Clout Archery and hold three practise sessions a year. These sessions are open to non-members as long as they can prove that they belong to another archery club.

Next SWAC practise session:
Contact clout@southwiltsarcheryclub.co.uk for details

SWAC Award Clout Competition

There is a clout competition, open to all SWAC members, which runs throughout the year. There is a two bow-style entry limit, and only the first round of the day per bowstyle can be submitted for the SWAC Clout Award. Your two highest scores, shot in any SWAC clout practise session or at the Sarum Clout Open competition, are added together to form a ranking.

This competition counts towards the SWAC Archer of the Year Award, along with four target competitions and four field competitions. The more you shoot in, the more chance you have of winning!