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Salisbury FITA 2012 - Sunday 20th May

Another friendly Salisbury FITA with UK Record status took place last Sunday with over 100 eager archers. The traffic lights were present but hopefully everyone was happy. It would be a further improvement if this competition could become a World Record status shoot.

Congratulations to Jake Burn - the first archer in the day to go for a double beefburger, bacon and cheese. You can see the results in his scores so it is conclusive evidence that the South Wilts Archers food tent really can reach the parts that others cannot reach. In fact, 8 out of 10 cats.......

It was a bit breezy during the shoot but where would we be without a challenge. Thankfully it was dry all day but he northerly aspect of the breeze did require plenty of tea drinking.

Finally I would like to thank the South Wilts Archers for providing an excellent work party and food tent with very reasonably prices bacon rolls and beefburgers of an excellent quality. We would be happy to receive any feedback on the day and any suggestions on how we might be able to improve your archery experience as well as the food tent (in case I have not mentioned it earlier) at targetcomps@southwiltsarcheryclub.co.uk

The next open competition at South Wilts Archers will be the Double FITA 70 and 60 (Veterans over 50 and Juniors under 18) plus the new Double FITA 50 (compounds) on 5 August 2012. I know there is one question that is poised on your lips so to quell the rising anticip......ation I can confirm that the South Wilts Archers food tent will be open all day.

Peter Durtnall - Target Tournaments Officer

Full results are available here

(Photos taken by Dave Cornelius-Reid)