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Video taken in July 2009 - our 150th Birthday!
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"At a Picnic held at Grovely, on June 23rd 1859, it was decided that an Archery Club, should be formed, to be called the Society of Wiltshire Archers.

The following Gentlemen were chosen to form a Committee.


Charles Penruddocke Esq
Alexander Powell Esq
Revd John Wyndham
Revd John H. Penruddocke
Revd S. B. Ward
Revd T. J. Davis
Revd Charles Lawford
William Davis Esq

of whom the Revd J. H. Penruddocke & the Revd Charles Lawford, were elected to act as Secretary & Treasurer.

The most Honourable the Marquis of Bath & the Honourable Mrs Herbert were requested & kindly consented to be, respectively, the Patron & Lady Patroness of the Club.”

So begins the first entry in the Minute Book of SWAC. A little later it continues:

"The first Archery Meeting of the South Wilts Club took place at Grovely on Thursday July 21st 1859.

Four prizes were shot for and won – viz:-

Two for gentlemen, & Two for Ladies.

The first Gentleman’s Prize for Value         } 95
consisting of a Driving Whip by                 
} The Revd C. Lawford

The Second Gentleman’s, for Hits.             } 23
consisting of a carved Bread Platter by   
 } The Revd J. Wyndham

The first Ladies Prize for value                    } 106
Consisting of a Gold ring by                      
} Miss Windsor.

The Second Ladies - for Hits                       } 22
consisting of a Silver Brooch by                
} Mrs T. Davis”

In those early years the Club shot at Wilton House and a number of other country estates. In later years the Club shot in Victoria Park and in the Cathedral Close.

One of the oldest clubs in the country, over its unbroken 150 year history SWAC has developed along with the sport into its modern form and, over that time, can boast some prominent members in the Archery world including one lady, Miss Lucy Audrey, who was “Champion of the West” no less than 12 times between 1903 & 1948! She was also Club Secretary for 25 years up to 1950.

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Three of the four ladies were South Wilts Archery Club members!

In the 1950s & 60s SWAC became one of the pioneers of the then new sport of Field Ar chery. This has now developed into a popular form of the sport with a number of clubs running competitions around the country.

Much more recently the Club has re-introduced Clout Archery. Neighbouring clubs in our County and Region are being encouraged to do likewise with the aim of developing a competition circuit.

150th Anniversary Open Field Shoot

150th Anniversay Open Field Shoot Results
150th Birthday SWAC Target Shoot Results

150th Brithday SWAC Field Shoot Results