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Corporate and other events

We would be delighted to run an event for YOU, be it a Corporate Day, Team Building Day, Stag Party, Hen Party, Birthday Party, Etc. . 

Our Aim is to provide you with a relaxed and enjoyable day.

You do not need any previous experience as each event involves an initial period of training where you will learn the basics of shooting a recurve (aka Olympic) bow without sights, ie. Shooting barebow. 

Our experienced Coaches and Instructors will guide you throughout the day. 

We will then have a refreshment break before starting a scored competition.

Two competitions options are available:-

Target Shooting on roundel target faces at one of our Target Ranges in Downton or Whiteparish

Field Shooting at our Course near Whiteparish

After the competition, more refreshments while we collate the results and award Medals (we provide these). You can provide trophies or other prizes if you wish.

We can run the competition as an individual event, a Team event or both!

Please Note: Minimum age is 16. No alcohol allowed on site

To arrange your event:
Contact Alan White at corporateevents@southwiltsarcheryclub.co.uk with your requirements, ideally including a phone number, and we can discuss the details.