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The ‘Not Boxing Day ‘ Shoot – 29 December 2012

63 Archers joined us for the ‘Not Boxing Day‘ shoot on Saturday despite the weather forecast being awful. Some did drive through some pretty bad stuff but during the shoot we were lucky to have only approx 1 hour of continuous rain, the rest of the day being just damp. But we did have Glasto style mud to keep everyone alert!

Thank you all for joining us and for your kind comments. Thanks also to Polar the bear, Zippy and the other guest target appearances. Well done all the SWAC members that helped on the work parties and on the day (Honours List next year maybe – despite their brilliant summer, Bradley and the Olympians & Paralympians are not the only stars in sport!).

Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser


Pictures of the shoot can be seen here

Full results can be found here