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‘Not’ Boxing Day Shoot – 27 December 2011

91 archers set off on our 30 target mixed Fun Shoot. One brave soul even came all the way from Centaura (but not in one day) – it was good to see you Laurie!

Despite the very mild weather the Polar Bear made an appearance again in his ice cave. And his mate was seen at the top end of the course as well. Somewhere in between was the Lion – well that’s the UK climate for you!
Our whole team did a great job again, so thanks to all the Club members who were able to help.

We are considering moving this shoot to the weekend between Xmas and New Year (eg. Saturday 29 Dec 2012), but avoiding New Year’s Eve. We would appreciate your views.

We hope to see you at our Bluebell Weekend on 5 & 6 May 2012 – Entry forms are on our website.
Alan White, Field Shoot Organiser

Pictures of the shoot can be seen here


Name Style Status Club Score
Thomas, Garfield AFB G Green Meadow 434 1
Spooner, Jim AFB G Fleet Ibex 404 2
Baxter, Stan AFB G Oakwood 396 3
Milner, Tom AFB G Green Meadow 394
Davies, Graham AFB G Fleet Ibex 386
Skippens, Paul AFB G Worthing AC 374
Davies, Mike AFB G Greenman 370
Whitehead, Bob AFB G Ratpack 344
Miles, Andy AFB G Dragonfly 322
Hunt, Pete AFB G Druids 308
Mitchell, Nicholas AFB G Co of 60 298
Deane, Wendy AFB L South Hams 370 1
Walter, Jane AFB L Green Meadow 336 2
Hunt, Caroline AFB L Druids 316 3
Dickason, Lyn AFB L Green Meadow 236
Warner, Loris BB CG Ashcombe 422 1
Oldman, Stuart BB G Fleet Ibex 460 1
Gilbert, Robert BB G Ballands Bowmen 422 2
Vanstone, Trevor BB G Emtree 358 3
Burt, Craig BB G XX Archers 356
Toomer, Marleen BB L Ballands 440 1
Macrae, Nicola BB L Toad Hollow 418 2
Wells, Pauline BB L Ballands Bowmen 394 3
Vaughan-Jackson, Jennie BB L Ballands Bowmen 300
Liney, Stephanie BB L Longbow Heritage 102
Walter, Tevor BH G Green Meadow 424 1
Cowles, Shel CL G Westcott Archers 472 1
Holmes, Mick CL G IND 402 2
Pleasants, Chris FS G Ballands Bowmen 544 1
Stanbury, Scott FS G Artemis 516 2
Palmer, Steve FS G Raven 498 3
Vaughan-Jackson, Colin FS G Ballands Bowmen 496
Vaughan-Jackson, Alun FS G Ballands Bowmen 432
Vaughan-Jackson, Huw FS G Ballands Bowmen 396
Moxon, Dave FS G Ashcombe 330
Cox, Penny FS L Ballands Bowmen 506 1
Dunstan, Hector HT CB Westcombe 476 1
Rand, Steve HT G Invicta 454 1
Eldridge, Graham HT G XX Archers 448 2
Curwen, David HT G Ratpack 438 3
Hibbert, Albert HT G Dunkery 438
Perks, Paul HT G South Hams 430
Hector, Brian HT G Belvedere 426
Collis, Roger HT G Green Meadow 416
Chisman, Laurie HT G Centaura 408
Leason, Eric HT G Ashcombe 406
Burt, Tony HT G XX Archers 392
Trim, Alan HT G Ballands 392
Geddes, Angus HT G High Cross 364
Bloomfield, Mark HT G Magna Carta 326
Curwen, Lawrence HT G Ratpack 320
Hart, Tom HT G Ashcombe 262
Warner, Frankie HT JB Ashcombe 468 1
Moody, Lucy HT JG IND 214 1
Gibson, Anita HT L Arms of Old 346 2
Dunstan, Morwenna HT L Westcombe 316 1
Hornsby, Collette HT L Westcombe 240 3
Highfield, David LB G Co of 60 464 1
Smith, David LB G IND 432 2
Cannings, John LB G Druids 412 3
Ely, Tom LB G Druids 384
Hutchinson, Patrick LB G Westcombe 358
Knight, Ben LB G Worthing AC 356
Whitaker, Ken LB G Raven 354
Eldridge, Peter LB G Worthing AC 348
Spear, George LB G Fleet Ibex 282
Briggs, Paul LB G Ratpack 280
Gentle, Nick LB G Worthing AC 220
Harvey, Billy LB G Dragonfly Archers 208
Freeman, Karen LB L Westcott 360 1
Collis, Janet LB L Green Meadow 322 2
Neville, Carolyn LB L Fleet Ibex 296 3
Miles, Lorraine LB L Dragonfly 286
Bradshaw, Janet LB L IND 278
Harvey, Tracey LB L Dragonfly Archers 256
Brown, Nikki LB L High Cross & Companions 246
Pinchen, Ruth LB L IND 144
Liney, Sandra LB L Longbow Heritage 102
Ward, Martin PV G Windrush 384 1
Hornsby, Richard PV G Westcombe 350 2
Robson, Wally PV G Magna Carta 326 3
Young, Martin PV G Green Man 290
Miles, Bob PV G Dragonfly 282
Neville, Andy PV G Fleet Ibex 260
Johnson, Ant PV G Dragonfly 194
Spear, Joe PV JB12 Fleet Ibex 290 1
Howe, Steve UL G T.A.C 552 1
Scott, Ken UL G Raven 508 2
Briggs, Brian UL G Ratpack Rtrd
Blunsden, Ian XB G Windrush 510 1
Friend, Charlie XB G South Hams 348 2