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SWAC's Bluebell Weekend 2011

Phew! It’s done - and we came out the other end in one piece - more or less!

The weather was kind with only one or two sprinkles and it was warmer and sunnier than
 expected. Even the chaos (our view) was organised (your view apparently)!

On Saturday 155 archers set out on our mixed 3D (about 30) and faces 40 target course. Then Pete and his team went out and, in a flash (?), changed the whole course so that the 145 who shot both days had to (we hope) scratch their heads again at each target. In total 170 archers shot on Sunday, but my spies tell me that it was only a minority of them who got the big croc first arrow!

Saturday's muster - (click on the picture to enlarge)

We’ll say nothing about some of the evening entertainment! But our thanks to the Wyvern Dance Band who did us proud under some extreme competition.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments. We really do appreciate it. That includes the few constructive comments – we will look at those points.

There are so many Club members to thank that it’s impossible to name them all. But I must single out Pete, closely supported by Al for the Courses; Ali for her endless work on the catering, particularly the evening menus; Mike Dibs for supplying certain resources and last but not least young Kira for selling an incredible number of raffle tickets, fleecing you of even more dosh in the process. But to the whole Team many, many thanks.


Now to a question that apparently a number of people have asked – will we do it again? Well the Jury IS still out; in fact we haven’t actually had the post mortem yet. But we will let you know, one way or t’other, in due course.

Alan White
Field Tournament Organiser