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Autumn Open 2010

The day started as forecast with showers, but these were all joined up! Nevertheless about 150 archers went off expectantly into the woods to be rewarded with a dry afternoon. It was a slowish day so we will be looking at the mix of groups, target to target, for the future.

Feedback was very good (Thank You) so Pete, our Field Officer, and his team can feel rightly proud of another good one. The marshals often heard a few echoes of “How far is THAT?” – or some similar sentiment! So well done to the whole team.

We hope to see some of you at our Boxing Day Shoot and quite a lot of you at our first 2 day Bluebell weekend shoot in May 2011 – this will include the usual Bluebell Shoot (and results) on the Sunday and also a big game round on the Saturday with 'winners only' results for the combined 2 days scores.

Gents 1 Alston, Denis AFB IND 646
2 Devaney, John AFB Windrush Bowmen 610
3 Thomas, Garfield AFB Green Meadow 522
  Wright, Simon AFB Roundhill Archers 520
  Taylor, Mark AFB Artemis Archers 518
  Wentworth, Fred AFB Westcott 510
  Brock. Chris AFB Windrush Bowmen 486
  Puddick, Alan AFB Ratpack 468
  Davies, Mike AFB Geen Man 464
  Parnell, Les AFB IND 442
  Wilmot, Malcolm AFB Druids 416
  Wilson, Mike AFB IND 406
  Skinner, Wilf AFB Belvedere 348
Ladies 1 Deane, Wendy AFB South Hams 458
2 Parnell, Mandy AFB IND 384
3 Wasington, Roz AFB   366
  Hunt, Caroline AFB Druids 322
  Dickason, Lyn AFB Green Meadow 284
  Wilson, Anna AFB IND 232
  Provins, Shiela AFB Roundhill Archers 176
Gents: 1 Simpson, Dave BB Ballands Bowmen 668
2 Winmill, Dave BB Westcombe 606
3 Vaughan-Jackson, Huw BB Ballands 596
  Chidley, Peter BB Westcombe 578
  Gilbert, Robert BB Ballands Bowmen 568
  Burridge, Colin BB Osprey 544
  Burt, Tony BB XX Archers 512
  Burt, Craig BB XX Archers 486
  Allen, Eddie BB Westcombe 454
  Winmill, Ryan BB Westcombe 292
Ladies: 1 Toomer, Marleen BB Ballands Bowmen 576
2 Walton, Georgie BB Raven 532
3 Taylor, Zoe BB Artemis Archers 516
  Vaughan-Jackson, Jennie BB Ballands 514
Junior Boy: 1 Hussey, Ben BB Ballands Bowmen 720
Cub Girl: 1 Brock. Katherine BB Windrush Bowmen 434
Gents: 1 Walter, Trevor BH Green Meadow 748
2 Hawkins, Mike BH Westcombe 718
3 Timms, Richard BH Raven 698
  Maher, Phil BH IND 670
  Udall, Dennis BH Belvedere 568
  Miles, Andy BH Dragonfly Archers 530
  Wasington, Mike BH   452
Ladies: 1 Day, Moo BH Raven 480
2 Walter, Jane BH Green Meadow 468
Compound Ltd      
Gents: 1 Milner, Tom CL Green Meadow 792
2 Batten, Leigh CL Roundhill Archers 744
3 Walter, Sam CL Green Meadow 682
  Holmes, Mick CL IND 644
Ladies: 1 Batten, Celeste CL Roundhill Archers 662
2 Simpson, Maureen CL Ballands Bowmen 558
3 Vowden, Sheron CL Ashcombe 534
Junior Boys: 1 Sproston, Daniel CL   694
Gents: 1 Howe, Steve CUL IND 842
2 Hearson, Alan CUL Branstaple 826
3 Vanstone, Trevor CUL Elmtree 822
  Barker, Mike CUL High Cross 760
  Lymath, Steve CUL Druids 746
  Sheffield, Nigel CUL Fleet Ibex 718
  Hearn, Nick CUL Roundhill Archers 714
  Scott, Ken CUL Raven 656
  Wootton, Mark CUL Osprey 576
Gents: 1 Pleasants, Chris FS Ballands 814
2 Cowles, Shel FS Westcott Archers 794
3 Stanbury, Scott FS Artemis Archers 704
  Vowden, Tony FS Ashcombe 700
  Palmer, Steve FS Raven 678
  Munnings, Steve FS IND 664
  Sproston, Peter FS   636
  Wentworth, Terry FS Westcott 564
  Hunt, Peter FS Druids 428
  Purchase, Kris FS Raven 350
Ladies: 1 Baldry, Caroline FS Ballands Bowmen 638
2 Ward, Sonya FS Ballands Bowmen 624
3 Cox, Penny FS Ballands 616
  Snow, Angie FS Bowmen of Bude 538
  Devaney, Hilary FS Windrush Bowmen 514
Hunting Tackle      
Gents: 1 Phillips, Lee HT Bowmen of Bude 662
2 Bishop, Neil HT Thornbury 608
3 Asman, Henry HT Belvedere 606
  Curwen, David HT Ratpack 602
  Holford, Guy HT Windrush Bowmen 602
  Perks, Paul HT South Hams 600
  Dallison, Carl HT Belvedere 582
  Gilfrin, Andrew HT Invicta 576
  Hoare, Adrian HT IND 560
  Eldridge, Graham HT XX Archers 556
  Skippins, Paul HT Worthing 512
  Brennan Eric HT Osprey 472
  Friend, Charlie HT South Hams 450
  Hector, Brian HT Belvedere 428
  Harvey, Billy HT Dragonfly Archers 420
  Grindall, Brian HT   394
  Jones, Mark  HT Frome Valley Archers 388
  Versluys, Ken HT Belvedere 362
  Liston, Charles HT IND 330
  Gentle, Nick HT Worthing 318
  Powell, Martin HT Belvedere 294
Ladies: 1 Eldridge, Carol HT XX Archers 582
2 Gilfrin, Wendy HT Invicta 456
3 Versluys, Frances HT Belvedere 416
  Compton, Lesley HT IND 368
  Brito, Annabel HT Thornbury 350
  Mobey, Rebecca HT Windrush Bowmen 330
  Grindall, Amanda HT   308
  Hobbs, Jandy HT Ballands Bowmen 308
  Harvey, Tracey HT Dragonfly Archers 278
  Jones, Lucy HT Frome Valley Archers 222
Junior Boys: 1 Holford, Tom HT Windrush Bowmen 678
2 Spear, Joe HT Fleet Ibex 468
Junior Girls: 1 Moody, Lucy HT IND 272
Cub Boy: 1 Holford, Jamie HT Windrush Bowmen 706
2 Knight, Alex HT IND 520
3 Brock. Matthew HT Windrush Bowmen 316
Gents: 1 Collis, Roger LB Magna Carta 628
2 Teulon, Mark LB Thornbury 554
3 Smith, David LB IND 532
  Watkins, Ian LB Windrush Bowmen 520
  Knight, Paul LB IND 506
  Spear, George LB Fleet Ibex 490
  Bradbury, Mark LB Windrush Bowmen 472
  Beare, Mike LB Osprey 470
  Hobbs, David LB Ballands Bowmen 460
  Provins, Paul LB Roundhill Archers 452
  Embry, Shaun LB Windrush Bowmen 436
  Hopkinson, Andrew LB Westcott 424
  Whittaker, Ken LB Raven 422
  Walker, Mike LB Belvedere 372
  Parfitt, Rob LB Labyrinth 324
  Kluckers, Jeff LB Ratpack 318
Ladies 1 Pearce, Carol LB Longbow Heritage 510
2 Bradshaw, Janet LB IND 378
3 Miles, Lorraine LB Dragonfly Archers 350
  Collis, Jan LB Magna Carta 320
  Pinchen, Ruth LB IND 184
Cub Boy: 1 Hopkinson, John LB Westcott 508
Gents: 1 Hornsby, Richard PV Westcombe 474
2 Godsell, Gerald PV Dragonfly Archers 450
3 Ward, Martin PV Windrush Bowmen 372
  Miles, Bob PV Dragonfly Archers 338
  Trim, Alan PV Ballands 258
  Young, Martin PV IND 200
  Pearce, Mick PV Longbow Heritage Retd
Ladies: 1 Hornsby, Collette PV Westcombe 194
Gents: 1 Rigler, James XB Ballands Bowmen 734
Ladies: 1 Asman, Debbie XB Belvedere 518